Brow-some Eyebrow Cushion

Brow-some Eyebrow Cushion

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We are so excited to introduce our eyebrow cushion! The cushion allows your brush to get soaked evenly with the highly pigmented, vegan, paraben free and cruelty free formula

Long wear, water proof and sweat resistant, it comes in 4 shades; light, medium, medium dark and dark, each shade has two colors to mix and match and always get the perfect color match with your hair or simply get the best color for your taste

It includes 3 types of brush, on one end we have the angle brush so you can carve and define your eyebrow, also if you want to create single hair effect, the other end has a spoolie brush with 2 ends, a fluffy half and a short hair half

The fluffy side with help you blend the product for a softer finish and the short hair side will help you comb your eyebrow to your desire look